San Diego, CA — Surf Munkey LLC, is pleased to announce that Block Surf Distribution has been appointed as a distributor of Surf Munkey’s uniquely functional FlipUpBillâ„¢ watersports hats . Scott Orman, Founder and Director of Product Development at Surf Munkey; “Block Surf has been on the front line of the core surf accessory market since there was such a market, and his catalog is the de facto catalog in every shop in the USA. Larry Block has more than earned his solid reputation as a no nonsense, well respected businessman in the surf industry”.

Surf Munkey’s business is focused on developing gear that doesn’t interfere in the performance of whatever water sport the customer is involved in. “To that end, we spend a good deal of time in the designing, building, testing, and re-designing cycle for our products until they work to our high standard of satisfaction- our FlipUpBillâ„¢ hat is the initial result of our efforts.

We also have a new paradigm in earplug design coming out soon, the result of a two year development cycle, that will allow the wearer to hear clearly while surfing (or performing in their water sport of choice).” said Orman. He further stated: ” We are very confident that our partnership with Block Surf Distribution will help drive increased awareness and growth for Surf Munkey in the USA.”


Surf Munkey manufactures unique and functional surf and water sports equipment. The company was created when the founder was unable to find a hat that would support surfing in decent sized wave situations. There are lots of hats out there offering sun protection, but they get in the way and don’t function well when performing in the sport.

Surf Munkey has the created a hat, and is working on other products, that perform their function without interfering in the sport, whether it be surfing, SUP, bodyboarding, or your water sport (and some land sports) of choice. Today, the company manufactures and sell these hats under their own label, as well as under private label for other retailers, and sells online and in shops located all over the globe. Surf Munkey has other products in various stages of development.

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