China; 14, July 2016: LED lights and lighting systems are slowly but surely replacing the conventional incandescent, fluorescent, and neon lights that consume a copious amount of electrical energy to stay in operation resulting in inflated energy bills. To put it in context, LED lights are safer to use in comparison to incandescent or fluorescent lights as well as are extremely energy-efficient. Additionally, these light emitting diodes which are basically semiconductor devices, need low or minimal maintenance. SuperLightingLED Optoelectronics, a LED lights manufacturing concern based in China with its factory in Shenzhen has been exclusively producing a gamut of LED lighting systems that find extensive applications across commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. For instance, the company produces LED kitchen lighting that customers can purchase online by browsing through the different categories on its official website.

These categories include single color LED strip lights, color changing LED strip lights, dream color LED strip lights, LED light bulbs, LED tube lights, and LED module string lights. The firm also supplies a variable array of LED dimmer controllers, LED power supply adapters, and LED light accessories. SuperLightingLED specialized in fabricating super brilliant dual white color lighting strips that are waterproof and can be made pliable as per specific installation needs. The products including LED living room lighting are available in reels that have light strips with adhesive support making it convenient for fixing the same practically anywhere and everywhere. Each reel has lighting strips wound around it whose total length is 5 meters. The entire strip can be severed into at least 3-distinct LED sections or segments.

The LED lighting strips are ideal for installing in museums, retail outlets, supermarkets, and galleries or in any interior environment where intensity of color, level of brightness, appearance and presentation make a considerable difference in gracing up the indoors. The LED lights can be used for backlighting, ambient lighting, under cabinet lighting, gazebo lighting, veranda lighting, display case lighting, cove and niche lighting. SuperLightingLED is also renowned for fabricating a suite of LED trademark advertising lighting comprising a gamut of single color module string lights, dream color LED string lights, and so on and so forth. The advertising lighting furnish perpetual illumination of channelized letters or alphabets, billboards, and store window lighting.

The industrial and commercial sectors where LED trademark advertising lighting systems are used include railway, automotive, military, aviation, architectural, hospitality, transportation, defense, and electrical/electronics. One can use the LED lights to light up one’s office or home as well. The company makes LED high bay lights, LED panel lights, LED spotlights, and so on. For placing orders directly via the company’s website, it’ll be convenient if the customer opens a PayPal account and thereafter clear payment via UCB, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, and Visa Electron.

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SuperLightingLED Optoelectronics is a prime manufacturer of an eclectic range of LED lighting systems that find widespread use in both commercial and domestic sectors.

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