JINAN, CHINA - Thermal papers are known for being used for a variety of purposes and are most commonly seen in everyday activities such as ATM, credit and debit card transactions and many more. Most of the commercial and retail sectors use this paper because they are cost effective, durable and reliable. POSPaperCN.com is one of the industry¡¯s best manufacturers and suppliers of thermal www.pospapercn.com papers online. They offer international shipping to various countries across the world. They offer 57 mm thermal paper rolls for debit and credit card machines. These rolls are made up of excellently coated thermal paper material that offers dark black and a clear print-out image.

The thermal paper used in the rolls does not need to be used with ink ribbons in the receipt machines. They can reflect an image perfectly without the need of a ribbon. The paper in the thermal cash register rolls comes with 5+ year image life. Each and every 57 mm thermal paper roll comes with an End of Paper Roll Warning thermal roll stripe which will alert the users that the roll has to be replaced with a new one. The paper is also 100% lint free paper. Made up of lightweight paper, these cash register rolls are extremely reliable.

There are exclusive cash register paper thermal paper rolls for handheld mobile payment terminals. These rolls are compatible with a variety of terminals including Verifone, Sharp, etc. The length of these rolls can also be customized 80mm thermal paper as per customer request. These mobile terminals are used in STD, PCOs, Retail stores, Departmental stores, Petrol or Gas stations and many more. The ATM thermal paper rolls can also be customized or pre-printed with brands, logos, product designs, refund policy, marketing display ads, etc. There is color printing available with these rolls wherein 7 colors are permitted for being printed on them.

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POSPaperCN, www.pospapercn.com based at Jinan, China is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal paper rolls that are used for a variety of purposes such as atm transaction slips, credit and debit card transactions and many more. The company also offers international shipping to different countries worldwide.

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