Owning a power scooter or a portable wheelchair can be the difference between being housebound or being free to move about stores, parks and other’s homes. For some patients with limited mobility, handicap scooters have become a necessary part of their daily routine, allowing them to live independently as they shop, visit friends and family or enjoy outdoor activities.

However, many patients believe that the cost of a travel scooter would be prohibitive. SunMed Mobility offers the best medical mobility scooters at the lowest prices and helps patients qualify for creative financing that can make the dream of owning mobile scooters a reality for many.

Once a patient has purchased an electric scooter, however, the service and savings do not end. Patients with travel scooters require mobility scooter parts and SunMed Mobility offers great savings on these items as well. Whether the patient requires new mobility scooter batteries or other mobility scooter accessories, SunMed Mobility can provide the highest quality at the lowest price and can also help patients and their families explore financing options.

SunMed Mobility does not specialize in mobility scooters and accessories alone, however. SunMed Mobility knows that many patients also need in-home solutions such as an electric lift chair, hospital bed or bathroom solutions. A power lift chair or electric hospital bed could mean an entirely different way of life at home, while a travel wheelchair and portable wheelchair lift could mean the difference between a house-bound patient and one who is able to travel.

Sunland’s full line of portable wheelchairs, power assist wheelchair products and the best lift chairs as well as hospital beds and other in-home solutions can change the life of patients who are confined to their homes.

SunMed Mobility works with patients and their families to find solutions to mobility issues, no matter what they are. Working with SunMed Mobility is easy, and the friendly staff is always willing to go the extra mile to find the right in-home or travel solution for patients with mobility needs at a price they can afford.

About SunMed Mobility:

SunMed Mobility is a company that offers the best in mobility solutions for those who are suffering from limited mobility at home, work or during travel. SunMed Mobility works with patients and their families to create affordable mobility solutions. SunMed Mobility can work with Medicare, private insurance and other groups to ensure that mobility patients have the in-home and out-of-home mobility solutions they need and can live full and comfortable lives without huge cash outlays.