New York, USA; 20, August 2016: Homeowners in the New York City can rely on Sunlight Rug Care specialists for an efficient and affordable cleaning of their Oriental rugs. The rug cleaning company has a team of trained and experienced professionals who know that Oriental rugs are handmade and are delicately woven. These rugs require special cleaning techniques and care. Sunlight Fine Rug Care announces to offer the best cleaning and care of handmade rugs at a discount price of up to 63%.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they use special cleaning agents and stain removers that not only make a handmade rug spotless and shiny, but also keep the natural fibers, wool and other materials of the rug safe and intact. They do not use harsh chemicals that may damage the rug materials and spoil the softness. The cleaners used by the professional rug cleaners of the company are specially formulated to clean each corner and the delicate fibers of the rug.

The spokesperson reveals that they serve the New York City and some parts of New Jersey and has a significant number of regular customers in these areas. Moreover, the ongoing discount offer is bringing more new customers who love their delicately handmade Oriental rugs. With quality rug care service, available at discount prices, the company is endeavoring to become the most reliable rug cleaning specialist in the area.

Besides relying on special cleaning techniques and specially formulated cleaning agents, the company focuses on selecting dedicated rug cleaning professionals. After an extensive training, these professionals gain the expertise of cleaning rugs, maintaining a new-like look. The spokesperson maintains that they often receive positive reviews and recommendations from their customers and which is also adding to their business growth.

The company claims to be the most reliable and affordable rug cleaning specialist in the New York City and can offer a free quote as well. To know more about their rug cleaning expertise or for requesting a free quote, one can visit the website

About Sunlight Fine Rug Care NYC:

Sunlight Fine Rug Care will use a whole line of cleaning agents and stain removers specially formulated to safely and effectively clean the delicate fibers of your specialty rugs. The company constantly keeps searching for innovative ways to improve the quality of their rug care service to ensure the first-rate service for customers in NYC. From rug cleaning service to fine rug repair, they provide high-quality service on budget and on time.

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