(Free Press Release) With the price of gas going up again, it is just a matter of time before the consumers have to dish out more for their flight and train tickets. Most of them will naturally think twice about visiting the tropical paradise to get that wonderful natural tan. It might simply look too costly. But, here is some great news for all those who want an all-natural tan. Sun Laboratories of California is offering a number of amazing sunless tanning products. So finally, there‘s no need to travel to the beach for a tan anymore. You could get the same great result sitting at home. Of course, this means great savings for the average consumer.

Sun Laboratories has been offering these self tanning products for more than 27 years now. In fact, the company was the first manufacturer and distributor of these amazing tanning products. Over the years the reputation has grown, and today, Sun Labs has emerged as one of the most respected and profitable companies in this niche. The tanning items on display at the company website are offered both for the consumers and the professionals. These are really some of the most groundbreaking products available today.

In the first few years, the company was known as Giesee after its founder Gisela Hunter. Her vision of a self tanner soon clicked, and the sales began to pick up. The company changed its name soon and started to come out with newer and improved formulations. Sun Laboratories soon established their own laboratories and research center at Chatsworth in California. Today, the company is formulating, producing, bottling, and shipping all their tanning items from their development center in CA. The items sold by Sun Laboratories are today available all across the world. Even professional beauticians recommend these products.

Sun Labs‘ products are very easy to use as well. You will first have to exfoliate the body to clean and revitalize the skin. Once done, the tanning lotion is ready to be used. Squeeze a little bit of this chocolate brown lotion out, and apply on your body, and you can get the all natural-looking tan. This tan lasts for about five to seven days. Do this everyday to maintain your tan. The products offered by Sun Labs are completely safe, and they are extremely gentle too. So they can be applied even on the face.

The products are offered in an attractive beach bag that can be easily carried. The bag contains various items such as the dark self tanning lotion, the exfoliating body scrub, the tan maintaining moisturizing lotion, and the exfoliating net sponge.

About Sun Laboratories: Sun Laboratories is located at Chatsworth in California. Today, the company is a worldwide leader in the best self-tanning products. The company carries out extensive research at the laboratory and development facility to come up with new and improved formulations that can work for everybody. Please visit www.sunlabsonline.com to learn more about the various tanning items offered by the company.


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