(Free Press Release) You do not need to lie under the sun for hours to get a perfect tan. Sun Brand Self Tanner gives out a perfectly bronzed skin without risking skin cancer. In fact, applying sunless tanning products is the best and safest way to achieve a tan and look attractive.

Sun Laboratories came into being in the 1983 and since then it has been producing innovative and unique products and has completely revolutionized the realm of self-tanning products. For more than 27 years, Sun Brand Self Tanner, sprays, lotions and tanning after care products are being used by people and they have reported satisfied results. Sunlabs has maintained its brand value and it leads the industry with some of the most inventive and best quality products.

Sun Laboratories was the premier firm that introduced ultra-dark self tanning product in market. Today, Sunlabs produces and markets great quality tanning lotions, aerosols sprays, tanning gels; skin exfoliates, after tan moisturizer and tan maintainer.

Sun Brand Self Tanner can be ordered from their online store - www.sunlabsonline.com. This online shop is extremely easy to navigate and has become the primary choice of tanning salons professionals and celebrities also. The reason behind this is quite simple. The assortments of products offered by Sun Laboratories are customized to blend with different skin tones and skin types. The firm offers airbrush tanners, tanning accelerators, self-Tanners, sun care products, body and face products at its online store. The website also presents combo packs, kits and gift packs at discounted price.

Sun Laboratories' primary aim is to anticipate, create and realize new and better options to Sun Tanning. At Sun Laboratories, scientists and researchers look for fresh approaches so that artificial sun tan does not harm the skin at all and sunless tanning becomes a fun and easy procedure. Getting the best sunless tan does not have to be an extraordinary process but it is important to choose a self-tanning product that gives a streak free bronze color to skin without over drying or harming the skin.

Sun Laboratories has also come up with an entirely new range of Sun Brand Self Tanner and after-tanning care products to give you a completely new look for 2011. At Sun labs it is believed that tanning does not only have to do with giving a bronze look to skin, your skin should radiate with health and if at all you have any skin problems, all of them should be camouflaged well so that you can look your best and flaunt yourself!


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