01, April 2015: With the summer cruising season fast approaching, Europe’s largest luxury hotel barge cruising company, European Waterways is offering an exciting cruise to one of its most popular areas, the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. 

Culture and Cruising 

A spokesperson for European Waterways says guests booking on to a barge holiday to this renowned French-German region can expect to enjoy a huge variety of attractions and places of interest. While simply experiencing the unique hospitality and culture of the area is a highlight in itself, he said, shore excursions include the opportunity for wine tastings at vineyards on the renowned Route des Vins d’Alsace, and a visit to see the world-famous René Lalique Collection. 

The region is famous for its scenic landscape, featuring vineyards, castles and picturesque villages, but its culture, too, begs more than just a cursory glance. Visitors have been coming to the area for decades, but travel pundits say exploring it on a barge cruise is perhaps the most enjoyable way to get a perfect ‘cross-section’ of the very different, yet somehow perfectly blended, French and German cultures. 

Travelling on the beautiful Panache, in summer, guests will be treated to the region at its most spectacular best and, as well as enjoying the on-board facilities of the vessel and the local attractions mentioned above, guests can cycle the towpath and surrounding areas to explore independently. Along the route, the Panache will utilise the incredible boat elevator at Arzviller. It’s a truly thrilling experience, with the facility transporting vessels 450 feet up a mountain. 

The Panache caters to intimate cruises of up to 12 guests. Luxuriously appointed and carrying a crew of six, it features a sun deck and even a hot tub. For the romantics, there’s even a twist on the cliché, with a candlelit breakfast prepared by the on-board chef as the vessel passes through two tunnels. 

Sitting comfortably within European Waterways’ extensive portfolio of itineraries, the Alsace-Lorriane cruise is the ideal way to explore the fascinating and hospitable blend of French and German culture that defines this lovely region. 

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