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New Lenox, Il, 10/19/2015 ? According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC suicide rates is on the rise. It's sad. People are so uncertain with world events that it is changing the lives of not only adults but teenagers as well.
First of all if you feel suicidal right now, Immediately call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1.800. 273.8255)
For those of you who feel depressed, hopeless or know someone who is please take the time to read the signs of suicide.
Miracle Alternatives, LLC does sell holistic machines that are very successful at changing the way potential suicidal victims, and just people who feel depressed, down, hopeless. Please keep in mind. You are not alone.
James Matthew CEO of Miracle Alternatives LLC said, " If you feel depressed, hopeless, lost interest in things that are important to you. If you feel like you are looking into a fishbowl, if you feel all alone, I have been there. I have severe Bipolar Disorder and depression. I use a machine called the Miracle Globe that helps me."
Suicide Warning Signs Listed Below:
People who show one or more of the following are at risk for suicide. Please read all and pay careful attention.
This is a very extreme matter.
Feel Like:
If a person talks about suicide
Feel like just simply killing themselves.
Feeling like they have no reason to live anymore.
Feeling like a burden to others.
Feeling trapped within in their own unhappy world.
Living with extreme chronic pain.
One is at a greater suicide risk if they have lost someone that they love, such as their child, parent and or spouse.
Increased use of alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drug use.
Research ways to commit suicide. Such as reaching the internet.
Doing reckless things such as riding a motorcycle without a helmet when they used to wear one.
Withdrawing from social activities.
Isolating from friends and family. Including very close family , member such as a spouse, a parent or a child.
Staying in bed all day with no desire to get out of bed.
Stepping out of character tasks. Example, if one rarely calls friends and or family and suddenly starts associating as if to say good bye.
Giving away things that they own seemingly for no reason.
Displaying very aggressive patterns.

Sudden loss of interest.
Displaying irritability.
Feeling Humiliation.
Feeling more than usual Anxiety.
Suicide Facts And Figures
Suicide Deaths
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collects suicide information from the U.S., including deaths by suicide. In 2013 there was 41,149 suicides making suicide the 10th largest cause of death in the United States. The average suicide takes about 13 minutes until death.
As James Matthew says, "What a sad death. It is an intentional death and the person has to suffer for about 13 minutes."
If you are at all feeling suicidal you need to call a hot line or see a psychiatrist ASAP.
You can be certain a psychiatrist will put you on medication. That in this case is a must.
However for overall mental health treatment we have a several holistic machines that have proven to be very successful in treating mental illness, depression, stress,anxiety and anger.
"The first I recommend is the Miracle Globe machine. I use it myself to treat my Bipolar Disorder and depression." James Matthew said.
The Miracle Globe Machine, the Miracle Gen Machine, the Miracle Rif machine, and the Vielight devices.
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Summary: Suicide is not only a very serious issue. It is also very delicate.
We we mean by delicate is that people that are serious about committing suicide often hide their fears and may be hard to detect.
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