21th March, 2013 - In recent years a steady trend toward urbanisation has created new and unforeseen problems for built-up areas all over the country. The process of artificially creating non-porous surfaces such as tarmac and concrete over the majority of the ground area within the urban environment has upset a balance that has existed for millennia. This balance involves precipitation, drainage and the water table. With the extensive use of impermeable surfaces in towns and cities, water is no longer able to return to the ground as easily as it once was. The result is the creation of a lot of surface water and sporadic flash flooding in certain areas.

This process is certainly not aided in this country by the high rates of rainfall experienced in some areas. The accumulated water puts significant pressure on the drainage systems in built-up areas and should these malfunction the consequences can be severe. In recent years a lot of time and money has been invested into searching for a solution for this ever increasing problem. One such solution is the use of porous paving in place of materials such as concrete and tarmac which do not prevent rainwater from draining properly.

One company, Sudscape, offers a paving system for both the residential and commercial markets that is totally porous, allowing water to drain through it at a sustainable rate.

The result is a dramatic reduction in standing surface water, a reduced burden on existing drainage systems and a reduction in requirement for future drainage systems as well as a significantly reduced risk of flash flooding. The rainwater is slowed as it passes through the paving so that it flows naturally into the water table without instantly saturating the ground below.

The environmental benefits of porous paving from Sudscape do not end there. The material used in the construction of this paving is recycled car tyres which require very little energy in their preparation. Moreover, the porous paving features an integral sub base, alleviating the requirement for the use of any tarmac or concrete, vastly reducing the environmental impact associated with the production of these materials. What is more, porous paving is designed to be long lasting with very little requirement for maintenance or replacement even after a prolonged period of time. Finally, Sudscape paving is fully compliant with the latest SUDS legislation.

However, the advantages of Sudscape Porous Paving are not restricted to environmental benefits. This material also offers the customer a number of considerable benefits which cannot be overstated. First and foremost, porous paving can reduce a company’s water bill by allowing natural drainage rather than using the drainage systems installed by the local water board. Secondly, the material allows for no movement or cracking, meaning that it is virtually maintenance free. As a result resources will not be spent repairing or replacing worn sections of surface. Finally, an attractive range of finishes are available from Subscape Porous Paving, ensuring that the customer can choose a finish in keeping with the company’s image and property.

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