Varicocele is observed in about 15 percent of adult men and 20 percent of teenagers. This is a non-disturbing physical condition and usually causes no discomfort or symptoms to the patient. In some cases, adult men may experience infertility caused by a varicocele. If infertility is the symptom, doctors recommend varicocele surgery or varicocelectomy as a cure to such conditions.

In this surgical procedure, the surgeons remove the enlarged veins and restore proper blood flow to the male reproductive organs. After this surgery, the proper blood flow to the scrotum can increase sperm and testosterone production.

Indian surgeons generally follow any of the four methods to repair varicoceles men, such as

  • Conventional surgery: Here the surgeon makes a small cut in the groin. The spermatic cord is lifted out of the scrotum and the enlarged veins are removed to restore proper blood flow.
  • Microsurgery: Here the surgeon individually ties off the enlarged veins in the spermatic cord under an operating microscope.
  • Laparoscopic surgery: this is the most method of varicocelectomy.
  • Radiologic balloon occlusion: Here a silicone balloon catheter is passed through the enlarged vein under X-ray guidance to the testicular vein.

Varicocele surgery in India is conducted at super specialty infertility hospitals that are internationally accredited. All these hospitals are well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to perform the most complex surgeries. The hospitals along with the expert surgeons are specialized in offering surgery to high-risk patients with several innovative techniques of general and robotic surgery package.

A combination of high-quality medical treatment at a reasonable cost attracts a huge number of international patients from different corners of the world. Numerous Indian hospitals are treating overseas patients regularly with a very high success rate.

Varicocele Surgeons in India are very efficient and use their expertise and skills with great proficiency to help people. The expertise of Indian surgeons offers the best treatment facility in every aspect of surgical treatment.

With the latest technology and infrastructure, multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, and excellent patient care ambiance, India has become a most advanced medical tourism destination to several national and international patients.

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