Beautiful and durable, the natural aesthetic of suar wood lends itself perfectly to various types of furniture. Sought-after for its robust strength, this wood is ideal for heavy duty projects like complex desks, large cabinets or bookshelves. When considering its dependability and multicolored look, suar wood would be a fitting choice for hands-on science museum exhibits and involved art projects like sculptures or small, experimental living spaces. The choice of woodcarvers, builders and artists, modern or traditional suar wood dining tables and chairs would provide a lovely accent for interior design.

Derived from the intriguing Monkeypod tree, suar wood, also known as raintree wood, hails from the Philippines, Latin America and Indonesia. When introduced to a region, the Monkeypod tree is known for quickly adapting and thriving in its new area. In fact, since the tree can successfully naturalize itself so well, it’s even considered an invasive plant in particular countries like Fiji. Characterized by its umbrella canopy, the tree naturally creates an insulated, cool climate underneath its thick, leafy branches. While in bloom, the Monkeypod tree grows delicate, light-pink flowers with edible seeds that enrich the soil when they fall. These fallen seed pods unleash even more nitrogen into the air and earth, creating a moist, lush green area below the canopy; this characteristic helped to inspire the tree’s other popular name, Rain Tree.

While suar wood’s appealing finish is attractive to artisans and builders, its special grain texture makes it particularly suited for carving and an ideal choice for furniture manufacture. The wood does an incredible job at retaining moisture and not drying out, especially when it’s properly taken care of. Even though suar wood is quite strong, it still requires essential maintenance to ensure its beauty and long-lasting durability. It’s important to keep this furniture free from excessive dust particles; therefore, suar wood maintenance would entail regular cleaning with cloths that are dabbed with wood oil. Furniture may also be maintained with simple soap and water, but the soap cannot be alkaline based because the wood can quickly absorb it and cause permanent damage.

The benefits of suar wood furniture is only bolstered further with responsible care. Due to its global popularity and natural carving textures, there are different approaches taken with its treatment prior to the manufacture of furniture, objects and even container vessels. Since suar wood holds quite a bit of moisture, it’s often kiln dried to speed up the drying process. As a result, the wood develops its characteristic cracks throughout the years, which has played a part in its overall appeal for furniture design.

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