London-based Fashion expert Mark Tull, who has made his name as a renegade fashion writer and journalist over the last decade, has recently set up his very own blog, which is dedicated to supplying style aficionados and fashion lovers with the latest advice and news about all different kinds of clothing and fashion. 

The website, which is named ‘Mark Tull Fashion’, is, in particular, concerned with vintage clothing and accessories, and, as such, contains posts dealing with topics such as what to look for when choosing second-hand vintage garments, how to look like a glamorous celebrity on a tight budget, and the history of vintage fashion on the High Street. 

Mark Tull, who has trained under some of the most famous names in the industry in the past, said: “I am absolutely over the moon to have launched Mark Tull Fashion — the website. 

“Fashion is my life, my passion — I love it inside out and back to front. Therefore, I thought what better way to put this interest to good use than to start a marvellous and genuinely useful fashion blog. 

“I have learnt so much about style and clothing and accessories over the course of my turbulent career, which makes me perfectly positioned to offer my readers the very best in fashion tips, news and advice. 

“I’m also a very ambitious person, and hope to one day grow this blog into a fully-fledged business.” 

For more information on Mark Tull and his fashion advice — as well as his various exploits in the fashion industry – visit . Alternatively, to get in touch with Mark Tull, simply fill in the contact form on his website, or contact him on Twitter or Google Plus. 

About Mark Tull: 

Mark Tull is a style guru who has written for a range of market leading fashion magazines such as Vogue. He has worked for some of the world’s most prominent fashion designers and has recently set up his own blog to provide fashion tips. For expert fashion advice, get in touch with Mark Tull today! 

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