Being the ultimate leader in the arena of studio, the STUDIO3SIXTY offers the most professional service

Having the best quality professional video and photography studio in the Sacramento area is a matter of concern. In a bid to end that crisis, STUDIO3SIXTY comes forward with the solution of providing best professional video and photography studio services in San Francisco and Sacramento area. This commercial service Sacramento offers the white screen and green screen as well. While the cyclorama can be painted all green or white, one can also access a vehicle inside the studio through a 10’ X 10’ roll up door for easy setup of props and equipment. This photo studio rental Sacramento also takes pride in having the blue room which is designed to allow the clients to rejuvenate and work in the plushest facilities. Located by the studio, this room has earned reputation by being a perfect spot for the producer and directors to watch everything in action. This studio space San Francisco also adorns itself with a large dressing room that comprises of dedicated space for hair and makeup, private changing room, wardrobe steamer and garment track. This dressing room also has a live feed from the studio.

Catering the clients with the repeated engrossment, the company takes it very seriously when it comes to business. Their performance with due sincerity and skill has earned quite a reputation. With the pleased clients, the video studio rental Sacramento grows larger every day.

The company also provides free Wi-Fi to the clients. With the separate bathroom and shower facility, they also provide bathroom to stereo which is perfect indeed to replenish the soul. All these services can be availed at the most competitive rate. While the half day 5 hours block just cost $ 450, the full day or 8-10 hour block costs one only $700. The company also provides rent in weekly or hourly basis.

STDUI3SIXTY is one of the best professional studios in the Sacramento area that serves the clients with best quality professional service in the sphere of video and photography.

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