has recently released a new state of platform which will enable thousands of students across United States to buy and sell the textbooks directly with each other on the campus. The website provides a user friendly price comparison feature which will allow students to find the best prices for any textbook of their choice.

The website allows students to buy and sell books directly inside the campus if the prescribed books are not available at the local book stores. In cases, where the students are unable to find the required books for their semester, they can use the website’s comparison to find the best book deals online at the popular digital book stores and inside their campus. Experts believe that this new way of finding the semester books will cut out the unnecessary shipping costs or the trend of a middle man, who acquire the books at a fraction of the cost and then expedite the book’s price to make unreasonable profits.

The website also offers a message board that allows the students to limit their contact details and get in contact with one another, providing only the nicknames to avoid any unsocial practices. The new deal transaction option on the message board can be used by the student to close out the deal and set up a meeting spot for the exchange of the book. The company also has future plans to launch their app on Play store and the Apple store.

When contacted, the CEO of the firm was quoted as saying, “We are proud to launch our new updated platform which gives students an even easier way to sell and buy their books directly amongst their fellow students. With our price comparison feature we can even tell students what online shops sell the required textbook at the lowest price. We have also added a new option for the deal transaction which will be available on our message board. Students now do not need to hand out any information anymore as everything can go through platform’s message board. The android and IOS app is already in development as well to provide easier access to the students through their Smartphone.”

The company currently has over 3,500 universities and colleges signed up with them in the US. Built on the idea of offering an innovative platform for the buying and selling of the books to prevent students from the hefty prices of the local bookstores, the website has shown unprecedented growth over the last few months.

Mandy, a student from Chicago writes, “It was super easy to find and contact other students who had the book that I needed for the class. In the past, I had this traumatizing experience of having to struggle with money issues since the college fees are so high. Add to that the higher prices of the books at the nearby bookstores and it was literally depressing. But thanks to, now I can get the book that I need at a much lower price and without needing to pay for any unnecessary shipping charges.”

About is a newly updated website with a state-of-art technology and user friendly features for securely buying and selling of books on the campus directly among the students. They also offer price comparison for any book on various online shops for better prices.

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