June 29, 2013: StreamYourAd.com takes advantage of the latest in-stream technology to create and publish innovative and creative live-streaming ads across the internet channels. Publishers of advertisements and interactive contents can gain from the unique streaming content presentation capabilities that the website is offering to them. According to the site, this modern way of advertising helps businesses reach their target audiences effectively and it is quite an affordable choice than the traditional ways of advertisements on TV, print media or outdoor advertisements. 

The CEO of StreamYourAd.com opines about their live-streaming ad publishing option, “We are excited to offer a result-oriented advertising opportunity to all businesses across the web. Surely, we are offering a better tool to help them to increase their customer base and thus increase their revenue as well.” According to the CEO, all businesses advertising their products or brands on the traditional underperforming advertisement channels, now should take advantage of their services which are completely focused and targeted to bring results. 

One of the programmers working with the website reveals, “We program live-streaming ads in a way that an audience happens to watch advertisements that match his or her interests. This is the reason why our ads help a business reach their target audience in a more precise manner. Moreover, the engaging content makes sure that the business message is delivered appropriately.” 

The website reveals that they have affordable live-streaming ad development packages for all businesses and which largely depend upon the content to be delivered. They maintain that they offer on-budget services, which help advertisers in achieving their branding and reputation building goals. 

According to the website, the importance of live-streaming ads also becomes significant when a sizeable proportion of the population today owns smartphones, tablets and various kinds of handheld gadgets. An advertiser can take help of live-streaming ads to connect with this user base of mobile gadgets. According to a latest report, the worldwide user base of sophisticated handheld devices consists of high-end consumers with high disposable incomes. And thus, reaching this user base can be the objective of any business which StreamYourAd.com can help achieve in a more professional and engaging manner. One can learn more about their services and offerings by visiting their website www.StreamYourAd.com. 

About StreamYourAd.com 

StreamYourAd.com is a website dedicated to offering live-streaming ad programming and development services to businesses to help them reach their target audience in a more engaging and convincing manner. The services offered by them are highly affordable in comparison to the traditional advertising modes of TV ads, in-print or outdoor advertisements. 

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