Bedfordshire, UK, March 19th 2010 - Stortext, a leading provider of document management and business solutions in the UK, is delighted to have helped streamline office processes for mobile giant O2, via Omnidox:Mailroom.

Omnidox:Mailroom is the innovative way to converge electronic mail with hard copy, digitising hard-copy mail and eradicating the need for internal post. The speed of getting documentation to internal departments is quickened, leading to substantial savings. Businesses can respond to clients the same working day, maintaining a competitive edge and improving communication.

Nowhere is communication more important than at the offices of O2, the leading provider of mobile services to businesses and consumers across Europe. Correspondence is still largely in paper format - a major problem when the same document often has to go to several departments. With so many offices involved, it was becoming impossible to process items, or respond to customer queries, efficiently. At customer call centres, agents had to manually search for paper records - a frustrating and time-consuming process for both parties.

O2 realised they needed a unique electronic mail room solution. One that would classify, scan and index large volumes of incoming mail - more than 40,000 pieces per calendar month - and be capable of feeding output to various office systems.

The answer was Stortext, who supplied the perfect solution via their Omnidox Mailroom system. Mail is now collected from a PO Box unique to O2 by 6:00am every morning, and made available to staff by 9:30am the same day. A separate output to office workflow systems means customer correspondence is dealt with in the fastest time possible - improving staff productivity and business efficiency.

"With our Omnidox:Mailroom system, we were able to offer O2 the scalability and flexibility they needed," said Mark Iveson, of Stortext. "Previously, mail would sometimes not reach its office location until the next day. Thanks to us, O2 now operates with stream-lined efficiency."

O2 joins a long list of satisfied Stortext clients which include Barclays, Santander, Virgin Atlantic and the Isle of Man Post Office.