ST. LOUIS, MO — When Melissa Chelist’s children were born, she always enjoyed receiving personalized baby gifts . From puzzles featuring her child’s name to clothing, books and much more, Chelist and her kids treasured the various personalized mementos they received.



After realizing how much her children adored receiving these items over the years, Chelist was inspired to open her own company that specializes in personalized baby and children’s gifts of all types. Ten years ago this January, StorkGifts was born.

Just as she has enjoyed watching her own children grow and thrive over the years, Chelist has marveled at how her own company has flourished and changed over the past decade to one that now offers over 75 different types of items, including personalized step stools , room decor, furniture and much more. Over the years, StorkGifts has developed a well-deserved reputation with its customers for offering high-quality products and outstanding customer service.

Despite her many responsibilities, Chelist has successfully combined being a busy mom with owning a thriving online business. Chelist manages StorkGifts from her home in St. Louis, Missouri, and takes pride in building relationships with her customers.

In a recent interview, Chelist said that one reason StorkGifts has done so well over the years is because she opened it as a mom, and not as a businesswoman.

“My viewpoint was always from the consumer-side because I never had the business-side before,” she said.

“Every decision I have made has been based on being a fair decision for the customer … is that what I would expect from a company?”

This means that when customers order personalized gifts for girls or boys from StorkGifts, they can rest assured they are working with a company that stands behind its products, takes care of its customers and responds to both emails and phone calls—something that Chelist said never fails to amaze the person on the other end of the line.

“It is mind boggling when I return a phone call and immediately the customer says ‘Thank you so much for returning my phone call. I didn’t think you would,’” she said.

“Any company is great when everything is going well; it is how they handle a problem that separates companies’ customer service levels. A customer may order from us once, but if it is not a great experience, it’s easy to find another personalized baby gift elsewhere. We know this and appreciate every customer’s loyalty.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about StorkGifts is welcome to visit the company’s user-friendly website at anytime; there, they can browse through the vast section of products that Chelist offers her customers. Handy category tabs like personalized piggy banks , backpacks and school supplies, embroidered items, and more make it easy for shoppers to find the exact type of personalized items they are looking for.

Chelist said she is excited about plans to add a blog to the StorkGifts website, as well as expanding her already-impressive line of personalized products. Recently, Chelist was delighted to learn that her new line of personalized ski caps had earned a stamp of approval from her teenage daughter.

“My 13-year-old saw it on my site and informed me that ski caps are all the rage in her middle school. She is so excited to get one with her name on it!”

About StorkGifts:

From her home in St. Louis, Mo., Melissa Chelist owns and runs StorkGifts, an upscale online boutique specializing in quality custom-made personalized gifts for babies and children. Melissa and her husband started the company in January of 2003 when Internet shopping was just becoming widespread. In 2005 when their youngest child went to pre-school, Melissa took over managing the company and has done so ever since. StorkGifts carries more than 75 different types of personalized items, all of which are custom-made with the customer’s choice of color, design and personalization. Known for its high-quality products, StorkGifts offers many made-in-the USA products and prides itself with professional, top-notch customer service. For more information, please visit

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