The advent of smartphones is, in fact, double-bladed. While it brings great convenience to people’s life to contact with each other in an easier way, it lengthens the distance of them as well on the layer of spirits as well. Perhaps an Airwheel electric scooter might get people’s relationship normalized again.

The advent of smartphones is, in fact, double-bladed. One the one hand, it represents the quick advancement of the high technology and brings great convenience to our lives. We can simteins exchange messages however distanced we are from each other. The earth has become a real global village to some extent with the wide application of smartphones. One the other hand, however, the global village is not true in essence. The relationships between people, actually, are not strengthened, but diluted instead due to their overly addiction to the smartphones.

Many respondents stated that phones have been an indispensible part of their life. They cannot live without them and have to take them everywhere with them, even to bed. They would now and then check their phones to make sure there won’t be one message missed. Even though they have been with their friends by the table for dinner, they couldn’t help checking their email and message box of social-networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

The longest distance between two different persons is not life and death. But when I am definitely in front of you your eyes are attentively focused on the screen of your phones for connection with someone else. If you feel addicted to your phones and cannot get rid of them voluntarily, take it easy and let an electric scooter distract your attention in a more comfortable way.

Differing from other types of vehicles, an Airwheel intelligent scooter is a kind of interesting toy which could bring its users great entertainment. And just imagine what kind of picture it might be to have a group of friends riding scooter in a line on the street. You could talk, scream together and get closer to each other.

One’s life with a self-balancing scooter, even without a phone, could still be interesting. Then why not leave your phone aside and get closer to others with a scooter from now on?

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