(Free Press Release) Stonefield Query Eliminates Business Intelligence
Reporting Bottlenecks. New release of Stonefield Query for Sage ACT! makes end user self-service Business Intelligence a reality.

September 28, 2010 City, State
ORLANDO, Fl. & REGINA, Saskatchewan - Stonefield Software Inc. today announced the New release of Stonefield Query for the new Sage ACT! 2011 contact and customer manager from Sage North America. This is Stonefield Software‘s latest release of our award winning Business Intelligence, reporting, and ad-hoc query software, for Sage ACT!. This new release of Stonefield Query Version 4.0 for Sage ACT! helps to eliminate IT bottlenecks by creating a self-service Business Intelligence (BI) reporting solution for the casual-user.

Since 1991 Stonefield has strived to build an easy to use Sage ACT! Business Intelligence (BI) reporting software solution. The latest version of Stonefield Query for Sage ACT! has seen over 70 enhancements. The addition of the new “application view”, has made creating ad hoc queries and custom reports that much simpler. Stonefield Query for Sage ACT! now lets you see the data in the same way as it is presented in the application. No more searching through confusing tables and fields at the database level. Stonefield Query for Sage ACT! has done all the hard programming. All the casual user needs to do is select which fields they want and let Stonefield Query for Sage ACT! do the rest. All filtering, ordering, and sorting of records is done with a few clicks using the built in wizard.

"There are typically two types of users within organizations," said Mickey Kupchyk, CEO, "Power users and casual users. Power users, typically make up less than 20% of the people in an organization, these include IT developers, super users, and analytical modelers. Casual users make up 80% or more of the people in an organization, these include executives, managers, accounting staff, and business analysts." Power users have little problem working with generic reporting software like Crystal Reports because they understand database design, structures, relationships, joins, and SQL commands. To the casual user, on the other hand, this is beyond their technical ability. This is where the first point of frustration comes in: casual users don‘t have time for Crystal Reports training nor do they want to become programmers. Casual users have no alternative but to go to their IT department or software vendor to get the reports they want. This creates a second point of frustration: the “IT Bottleneck.” The casual user can‘t get what they want when they need it.

Stonefield Query has been customized specifically for Sage ACT!. This eliminates the IT bottleneck by putting Business Intelligence reporting in the hands of the casual user where it belongs.

“We believe that Stonefield Query for Sage ACT! is the first Business Intelligence reporting software that provides this application view. This is a great leap forward for Stonefield Query and Business Intelligence reporting,” said Kupchyk. “Now, the casual user can create custom Sage ACT! reports themselves in minutes and without spending time and money on training. Stonefield Query for Sage ACT! will now provide all casual users with real insight into the operation of their business.”

A free 30 day trial download is available at the Stonefield Software Inc. Website: www.stonefieldquery.com

Click the following link to view a demo of Stonefield Query


About Stonefield Software, Inc.

Stonefield Software Inc., the maker of the award-winning Stonefield Query, has been developing Sage ACT! Business Intelligence (BI) reporting solutions since 1991.

Our SDK version of Stonefield Query works with most database applications including: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Pervasive, FoxPro, and more. Stonefield has partnered with over 800 OEM and ISV partners to deliver ad hoc query and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting solutions to more than 225,000 users in over 65 countries globally to date. Our customers span all sectors and industries from: public to private, military to non-profits, Fortune 500 to SMEs.

For more information on Stonefield Software or Stonefield Query for Sage ACT!, to receive a review copy of Stonefield Query or to arrange an interview with partners Mickey Kupchyk or Doug Hennig, please call 1-800-563-1119 or visit www.stonefieldquery.com.

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