Need to have stocked bar?

Have a tight budget or don’t want to spend a lot on a party?

Well, these questions will be answered. You can stock up your bar and not spend a fortune. Yes, less than $100 will be enough to have a stocked bar.

In a low budget like this one has to plan carefully. Only buying cheap alcohol will not suffice but a well planned and good eye for details will take you there.

Stocking bar will be hard as there are some limiting factors, like

1.    Cost

2.    Number of people

3.    and length of party or whatever you are having

So stocking bar with a low budget you have to think about these factors. If you are familiar with Mixology or an expert in Mixology this will be very neat trick for you.

So first thing is first get your basic alcohols:
-    Vodka

-    Whiskey

-    Gin

-    Tequila

-    Rum

There are different varieties of these drinks but words of advice quality drinks are best.

There are good varieties of these drinks for reasonable price.

So choose what you like.

Then get the mixers, very important because these will help you to cut low on alcohol but present good drinks.

Mixers like,

-    Tonic water

-    Triple sec

-    Ginger ale

-    Soda water

-    Grenadine

-    Simple syrups

These will be great to produce some great drinks.

And then some additional stuff you may have already in your home but still have to buy more for party.

-    Ice

-    Milk

-    Sugar

-    Salt

-    Light cream/cream

-    Nutmeg

-    Garnishes

-    Lemons

-    Limes

And then there are juices that you can buy to complement your drinks. This is your trick to produce great drinks but on low budget.

Juices like,

-    Cranberry juice

-    Pineapple juice

-    Lime juice

-    Lemon juice

-    orange juice

-    Peach schnapps

so all of these excluding some additional stuff (sugar, Salt, milk, ice, lime/lemons)

will cost you 75-80$.

(But it depends on number of liquor bottles some extras will be there as insurance.)
So there it is, a bar fully stocked with just 100$.

But one cannot pull it off if he/she does not have one or two drink recipes in their sleeves, which will be star and also takes up little liquor.

There are lots of drink recipes online now. Check it out. But if you are a drink lover and know your way around the bar, you can probably give new twist to old drinks. Trust yourself you will rock your party.
Serving right drink at right mood will please everyone. Colorful drinks will not only just catch eyes but will also be party pleaser. Plus provide bar food and snacks to go low on drinks.

So here it is 100$ plan to stock up a bar by utilizing simple tricks one can throw awesome party in low budget.

Other than that one host or bartender must have right quality equipment for to make awesome drinks. As bartender is only as good as his liquor and utensils. Thus cool cocktail shaker and your skill will impress your guests.
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