Stock market investing shouldn’t be done without previous research, especially if you are planning to make transactions with large amounts of money. Before anything you should understand why you want do this and what is that you expect from it. After this, you can decide which option is the best one for your investments. Insider trading, which is buying stock from the company you work for, can be a smart move for you.


If you are new in stock market investing, the first thing you should consider is find as much information as possible about how this works. Doing some research is even easier today with the fast development of media and the high availability of data on the internet. First of all you can read some specialty books to get an idea about what investment really is about. Furthermore, it is important to stay informed on money news permanently. Start saving money as well. If you want to make a good investment, then you should have some money put aside. Of course, you can make investments with small sums too, but the profit will be equally small. This is you should review your needs and goals. Make sure you have a stable job with an income that can guarantee the possibility to save money.


You should also consider your timeline. If you want fast profits, keep in mind that they might be smaller than when you are looking for long term investments. There are cases though when buy and hold strategies are not necessarily productive. The one thing that brings more money is timing correctly the macro-moves. But this requires a permanent attention to what is going on the market.


Be careful where you put your money. It is important to avoid high-risk investments, such as these whose value goes up and down all the time. If you already work for a company that seems to have potential for the future, you can always choose to buy share hold for it. This type of investment is called insider trading. When people from inside a company decide to invest in their business, they also contribute to the overall image of success of that company. This comes around to the shareholders too because when the sales are increasing, their earnings are growing as well. It is definitely a win-win situation.


Insider trading can be illegal if you don’t follow the rules of law. If your investment is based on any non-public information, then this might end up in court. Anyone who is taking advantage of privileged knowledge is legally liable. This doesn’t include only the officers, directors or any employees of the company, but also any broker, lawyer or even family members of people related to that institution. If any proof is found, that says you are guilty, not only that you will lose all the money, but you will also have to pay fees or even go to jail.



When you consider stock market investing, don’t forget that insider trading might be what you are looking for.