Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 31, 2016 — The network security firm Mosaic451 has recently hired Steven Greschner, a salesperson and manager who has previously worked for major industry movers and shakers like Data General and Cisco. Greschner has been hired as a Business Developer, also known as a Business Development Manager.

Only six months in to his new job, he is already settling into his role at the company. He is excited to put his 33 years of experience in the field of networking into effect in order to help grow the company. The company believes his knowledge of analytics and network security sales will give their company an advantage over their competition in the field.

Both Greschner and Mosaic451 are looking for the opportunity to help even more businesses both small and large focus on their own sales and management, knowing their IT challenges and Internet security are taken care of.

About Steven Greschner
Steven Greschner is a salesperson, manager, and business developer with over 33 years experience in the tech industry. He earned his Bachelor's of Science (BS) degree from Arizona State University in 1980. Greschner has worked for tech companies including Data General, Cisco Systems and Hummingbird, and is currently employed by network security firm Mosaic451. He resides in Arizona.

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About Mosaic451
Mosaic451 is a network security provider based in Phoenix, Ariz. with other branches in Las Vegas, Nev. and Portland, Oreg. According to their website, their mission is to provide “critical networks in the United States [with] cyber security every bit as good as that afforded to our Federal government.”

Steven Greschner
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