Boca Raton, Florida; 02, September 2016: The Florida summer sun is soon to give way to the fall season, and it is perfect time to start repairing the damage from the sun and salt from Boca Raton’s famous beaches.

Along with the Fall Season the big crowds will be arriving soon, and with the crowds come the nightlife, parties, events and a host of other activities where looking one’s best is paramount.

Many, however, are not skilled or have the intuition to properly care for their hair after a long summer basking in the sun. Although some get lucky and find the solution, others end up doing more harm to their already damaged hair than good. This is when Salon Soracan step in and correct those issues.

Salon Sora is Boca Raton’s premier Goldwell Color salon for prepping for the fall season. Owner Frank Marino has made it his life’s ambition to help those with sun-ravaged hair bring its natural sheen and delicate look back in short order.

Extensively trained at the exclusive Vidal Sassoon Academy and as a Salon Stylist for over 18 years Frank has led Salon Sorain becoming the go to hair salon for Boca Raton residents, as well as he has an intimate understanding of the damage South Florida’s heat, sun and salt can play in the destruction of even the healthiest of hair.

“Each year I have well-established and new clients come to the salon and are almost in tears because of what the sun has done to their hair, color, cut and the like. It is only a matter of sitting in the chair and allowing me or my capable associates time to bring the client’s hair back,” said Marino.

It is recommended that clients call for an appointment rather than drop in because of the volume, consultations and needs of specific clientele.

“This time of year we are exceptionally busy, so it is well-advised to make an appointment. This way, a client receives a full consultation before starting,” said Marino.

Booking is available at Salon Sora or via phone call: 1-561-338-7597

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