Vancouver, Canada; 24, April 2015: Stemologica skin care solution kit is now consists of three delightful and nourishing essentials namely Stemologica moisturizing day cream, Stemologica nourishing night cream and Stemologica eye gel. These skin care formulas are incorporated with beneficial-to-skin naturally-derived ingredients that are truly best for fighting premature signs of aging, letting the skin become nourish, healthy and embrace youthfulness. 

Recently recognized and out in the market, Stemologica essentials has been overwhelmed by countless women users all over US, UK and Canada. Stemologica skin care is best recommended for women suffering skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, under-eye imperfections and other typical signs of aging, due to its intensified advanced wrinkle reduction and prevention formula and with its dynamic natural elements that are responsible for extraordinary anti-aging works and age-defying role to the damage and aging skin. 

Based on one user’s testimonial, Bridget Minnie – “I want to say how much I like your products, they’re absolutely fabulous, everything I use I love. My skin has been so prone to breakouts, and the latest order really helped. As soon as I discovered Stemologica, I saw immediate results, thanks for such a great set products!” 

Benefits of Stemologica Skin Care 

* Reduces wrinkle length and fine lines
* Boosts skin hydration and moisture
* Decreases of under-eye dark circles and eye bags
* Makes skin firm, supple and improves elasticity
* Promotes youthfulness
* Provides skin nourishment and health

Availability of Stemologica Skin Care

Stemologica essentials are “internet-exclusive” skin care products, which means, these can only be purchased or ordered through online transactions, in its official website and also through its authorized websites. Stemologica essentials absolutely cannot be bought at any leading stores or supermarkets. 

To learn more about Stemologica skin care, more relevant facts are found in its official websites, also its risk-free trial offer

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