Stem cell therapy is also known as regenerative medicine. The stem cells are the raw materials of every human body.  The stem cells are the pioneer of all other cells with specialized functions.

Stem cells have the regeneration capacity of any other cell types under certain conditions. Utilizing this unique capacity of stem cells, the doctors now can cure many end-stang health conditions. Under certain conditions in the body or a laboratory, the stem cells divide to form either new stem cells or specialized cell with certain functionality.

Stem cell therapy is not any specific treatment procedure, but an array of techniques intended to replace cells damaged or destroyed by some disease with healthy functioning cells.

In case of stem cell treatment in India, the stem cells are derived from the body, kept under artificial conditions where they mature into the type of cells that are required to repair or restore a certain part of the body or disease.

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The stem cell therapies are conducted in two ways: One is autologous stem cell therapy, where the adult patient’s own stem cells obtained from the blood or bone marrow is used as a stem cell. And another is allogeneic stem cell therapy which uses donated stem cells for the treatment.

Advanced Stem cell therapy in India are used to treat different types of cancers, blood-related disorders, immune system-related disorders, and metabolic disorders. Some other diseases and health conditions that may be healed using stem cell treatment are peripheral nerve injury, tuberculosis, restores eyesight, brain injury, spinal cord injury, muscle and ligament regeneration, and so on.

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