Irvine, California - Steam Master, located on the web at , is an Irvine carpet cleaning company that has done something few other companies have been able to do: offer a way to remove pet stains effectively from area rugs and carpets.

These Newport Beach carpet cleaners are proud to announce the introduction of the new "rug bath" method that has been shown to significantly reduce problems caused by pet waste.

For many years, any company that performed carpet cleaning in Irvine, CA, dreaded the call from a homeowner that a pet had soiled a rug. This was one of the hardest issues to resolve to customer satisfaction. In fact, for many years carpet cleaners would tell homeowners that nothing known to man would completely remove that type of stain from a rug. Old cleaning methods erred in one of two ways: the method was not strong enough to extract the stains and odor from a carpet, or the method was too strong, resulting in damage to rugs. Either way, it was nearly impossible to get pet stains out of a rug and preserve the integrity at the same time.

Pet stains are a unique type of rug issue that involves organic components as well as bacteria and other factors that can permanently damage carpet. Because pet stains involve both protein and inorganic matter, they can be very difficult to clean properly.

Now, Steam Master, located on the web at , has found a great way to treat pet stains in area rugs: the rug bath method. This new method a variety of cleansers that are designed to remove dirt, stains and odor from area rugs, even those caused by pet waste. However, the rug bath is safe to use for the most delicate carpets, resulting in a clean, fresh, sanitized rug greatly minimizing any traces of stains or odors from pet accidents.

Steam Master is proud to be able to successfully tackle some of the toughest rug stains and clean them thoroughly to customer satisfaction with this new technology.

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Steam Master offers professional carpet cleaning in Costa Mesa and rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Newport Beach. For the freshest, cleanest carpets and rugs, Steam Master is the company to choose.

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