When it comes to food and drink, few people have the credentials and expertise of London-based head chef James Woolhead, whose award-winning food at the L’Etranger restaurant has been delighting and wowing pundits for almost a decade.

And now Chef Woolhead will be sharing his knowledge on all things food and drink — as well as anecdotes and personal insights — via new website Stealth Media Group, which is the brainchild and “labour of love” of the esteemed cookery expert.

Stealth Media Group, which went live in June 2014, features food and drink articles, recipes, humour pieces, curated content, as well as podcasts and video content.

Speaking about Stealth Media Group, James Woolhead said: “I’ve always wanted to create a website on food and drink and I’m really happy that now I’ve been given the chance to do so.

“My principle goal with Stealth Media Group is to create an amazing resource which readers will come back to again and again and again.

“Hopefully people will find it useful as well as highly entertaining and engaging — and the feedback I have received so far (which has all been highly promising) certainly seems to suggest this!”

James Woolhead went on to say that: “I want to make Stealth Media Group all about the community, so I will soon be looking to publish user-generated content on the blog — that is, via guest posts and various forums.

“So, everyone, be sure to watch this space — I have so many exciting things planned!”

James Woolhead currently lives in Wandsworth, South London with his fiancé and three children.

For more information about Head Chef James Woolhead, the L’Etranger restaurant, and the Stealth Media Group cookery website, visit http://www.stealthmediagroup.org.

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Stealth Media Group is a website dedicated to food, drink, culture and the finer things in life. It was set up by respected food expert James Woolhead who currently works as Head Chef at the prestigious London restaurant L’Etranger.

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