31, August 2015: With the school holidays in full swing, many families areheading off a few weeks to enjoy a holiday somewhere. While many UK residentstraditionally choose France, Spain and further afield, more and more are planning a 'staycation'.

Finding Fun Closer to Home

Top online Insurance provider InsureMore reveals that so-called staycations are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. With so many appealing destinations to choose from, without the hassle of having to arrange flights and travel money, it seems clear why this is so.

But travel industry experts like InsureMore recommend that travellers still make sure they are well covered against any mishaps even if they are not planning to go overseas. They say even though they will not require medical health cover when they are on holiday in their own country, there are many other things that could go wrong that travel insurance can cover.

A recent article from The Guardian researchedthis issue in depth, and the general consensus was that there is certainly a need for travel insurance regardless of the travel destination. For example, one of the major problems when going on holiday is if travellers have to cancel their arrangements. The costs of cancelling accommodation, car rental and more can add up, and this is something that a good policy may be able to cover.

There is also the risk of losing personal items and,while some items may be covered on the traveller's home insurance policy, representatives from InsureMore say that not all policies do cover items taken out of the home. It is well worth checking details like this before you embark.

Read the Fine Print

There are also certain things that need to be considered when purchasing a travel insurance policy for a staycation. For example, sometimes one may not be covered in accommodation that is very close to their home, or they may have to be staying a certain number of nights in pre-paid accommodation in order to be able to make a claim.

The general advice from experts in both the travel and insurance industries is that staycation insurance is definitely a good idea, but to read policy details carefully andspeak to the provider if you have any queries.

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