London, UK — Leading website monitoring service today announced the launch of its website performance and load-speed testing tool — StatusCake Tools.

The London based technology start-up unveiled the website performance tool, aimed to help webmasters and web developers throughout the world. Speaking at the launch of StatusCake Tools, co-founder James Barnes said:

“It’s not just a case of building a website and putting your feet-up. That build it and they will come mentality”

He continued:

“You need to be confident that your website works well wherever visitors to your site are coming from. And just as importantly, that your site performs as well, and loads as quickly as your competitor’s website.”

Allowing webmasters and web-developers to carry out full page testing for performance and load time, StatusCake Tools provides detailed information on the content type, status codes as well as a detailed overview of the website’s performance, along with a score and what steps can be taken to improve the performance and load time of the website. Webmasters are also treated to full load data along with statistics on the historic performance of their website.

Daniel Clarke, co-founder of explained more:

“Using the performance tester and by looking at those areas where you score low you can find those bottle-necks in your website. It’s nice and easy to use, and a sure-fire-way to get some quick wins in optimising your website’s performance”

He continued:

“And what’s more at StatusCake we believe that everyone should have access to these kinds of tools — not just large corporates. So like our website monitoring service we wanted these tools to be free to everyone, wherever they are in the world.”

Although there are other performance tools out there such as Google’s Page Speed, Yahoo’s YSlow and Pingdom’s Pingdom Tools, Clarke explained that StatusCake’s performance tools have an important role to play in the armoury of any webmaster or web developer:

“Unlike most other performance tools out there, we’ve made it possible for a webmaster or developer to check the performance and page load-time of their website from a location of their choosing — not ours”

Clarke continued:

“If most of your customers come from a particular country it’s important to know how your page performs and loads from that territory — if your customers are mainly American do you really care about performance from the other side of the world? We help you replicate the user experience of those visitors that matter most to you.”

Along with StatusCake’s Real User Monitoring, “RUM”, which allows webmasters and website developers to see on an individual level the performance of their website according to browser, device and country, the StatusCake product offering means there really is no excuse for knowing how good or bad the performance of your website is, then taking steps to improve it.

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