NCrypted boasts of some of the most top quality website clone scripts, which play a major role in enabling people with creative visions to bring their start up ideas to life.

23rd March 2016 —NCrypted helps give wings to creative entrepreneurs by helping them launch their start-up and turn them into a full-fledged business. NCrypted is ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

They take full control of managing the technology aspect of the business. Therefore, analysis of the business as well as design and development is taken care of by them. They also take care of hosting, site maintenance and also the SEO and digital marketing aspect of their business in addition to a host of other offerings.

Their area of expertise includes web and mobile software development for small-scale business including start-up companies. They rightly call their company, ‘the start-up enabler’. Therefore, if creative entrepreneurs have business ideas relating to vacation rentals, e-commerce, on — demand or sharing economy and even crowdfunding on a start — up level then NCrypted can be the ideal partner to help them grow their business.

“We have the blueprint, as in our standard framework, ready for the industries and categories that we serve ranging from travel & hospitality to on demand and e-commerce etc. Our industry experience and research says that almost 40-50% features in every new age website or app are common for the respective categories and that’s what we have covered in our standard structure in terms of modules.”
- KunalPandya, CEO.

NCrypted has won International Quality Crown Award for their processes and customer satisfaction in 2012. In addition to this, they have also won 6 other awards in TQM (Total Quality Management) since the past 3 years.

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