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Starts Monday, August 15, Every Monday to Friday at 9.30 p.m on Sahara One Television.

Riding high on the success of its two newly launched shows in June, the mythological series ´Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali‘ and fantasy costume drama ´Kahani Chandrakanta Ki‘, Sahara One is poised for another launch this August. Starting Monday, August 15 Sahara One will launch its new show ´NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD‘ to be aired at 9.30 p.m weekdays, Monday to Friday.

The beauty about Indian culture lies in its age-long prevailing tradition of the joint family system under which even extended members of a family, like one‘s parents, children, the children‘s spouses and their offspring, etc. live together. The elder-most, usually the male member is the head in the joint Indian family system who makes all important decisions and rules, whereas other family members abide by it dutifully with full respect. Today we have a generation of people who after having lived in a joint family system have taken the initiative to break out and start a nuclear family. It is exciting to explore experiment and establish a living set- up on one's own. The nuclear family gives immense freedom from traditions and ways of life that the old system is ridden with. Hence, whenever and wherever the parents and their married children cannot get along and when the children can afford to build a house to call their own, nuclear families began to form. However, when we compare both the systems, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Sahara One‘s new social drama ´NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD‘ deals with the nuances of living in a traditional joint family system versus the new nuclear family arrangement.

´NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD‘ is the story of two sisters Sonali and Nirali who share a great bonding and can go to any extent to make each other happy but when it comes to marriage, their dreams are poles apart. The elder sister Sonali wishes to get married in a joint family with lots of family members around whereas the younger Nirali feels nauseated at the thought of a joint family and wants to have a nuclear family living separately with her husband and kids. Soon after their wishes are fulfilled, as both the girls are married in the same family and get the groom of their choice. Sonali ties the knot with Deven and lives with her husband and his big family at their ancestral house in Rajpipala.

On the other side, Nirali is married to Deven‘s younger brother Chirag, who is a software engineer and she leaves for Mumbai with her husband to lead a separate life away from the burden of joint family, as she always wanted. Just when life is sailing smoothly, the story takes a twist, as Sonali has to move out of the house with her husband Deven to live seperately whereas Nirali has to move from Mumbai as her husband loses his job because of the recession and they start living with the joint family. Will the sisters Sonali and Nirali be able to handle this sudden change, a scenario that has reversed their dreams of an ideal married life?

The show ´NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD‘ explores the advantages and disadvantages of joint family vis-a-vis nuclear family through the life of these two sisters.

Is life in a joint family better and happier than in a nuclear family?

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Starting Monday, August 15, Every Monday to Friday at 9.30 p.m On Sahara One

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