Jiangsu Province, CHINA - Wire drawing is a metalworking process used to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling the wire through a single, or series of, drawing dies. For those looking for high quality, high precision drawing dies, Starking Wire Drawing Die Co. Ltd is the perfect choice because they offer the Best wire drawing dies in China.

Starking Wire Drawing Die Co. Ltd was established in 1990 and today is the global top supplier of wire dies for sawing wire. Currently the company is working with more than 20 producers of sawing wire, one of their esteemed clients being Xinda sawing wire plants worldwide. The company has worked hard to become one of the top manufacturers of high quality wire drawing dies in the world today, with more than 20 years experience in producing custom drawing dies, including steel cord drawing dies, bead wire drawing dies, hose wire drawing dies, sawing wire drawing dies, fluxed cored wire drawing dies, welding wire drawing dies.

Their factories are equipped with 4 Conoptica CU10 machines, which is the global leading and recognized system for measuring drawing dies, and all their product s assure high quality because they go through stringent quality control checks. Their product range includes natural diamond dies, polycrystalline diamond dies, tungsten carbide dies, extrusion tips and dies, enameling dies and die refurbishing services.

“We understand that our customers are looking for the highest quality when it comes to wire dies, and we are here to deliver. With over 20 years experience in wire drawing die, we have gathered the expertise and knowledge required to produce the best wire drawing dies in China, with the goal to meet the demands of our global clientele. And this is probably the reason our loyal customers stand behind us and have helped us become the No. 1 high performance wire drawing dies manufacturers”, says a senior official.

There are several wire dies applications of wire dies today in several industries, and for most business owners the key to finding the best high precision wire dies lies in finding the right manufacturer. “I have used the enameling dies and die refurbishing services of Starking Wire Drawing Die Co. Ltd and was quite impressed with them. Not only is the product of high quality ensuring high performance, the customer care staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable which makes it a pleasure wire drawing die to deal with them”, says a satisfied client.

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