Apollo Technical (http://apollotechnical.com), a technical staffing firm, is placed in most of the US's fastest growing technological markets.

Several economic indicators and media lists show Apollo Technical markets to be among the most robust markets for technical and technology employment: Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, TX, Atlanta, GA and the Carolinas.

In the fields of Information Technology and Engineering, knowing how to find and prequalify the right candidate is a talent that can't be found at a generic employment agency. Traditional employment agencies are excellent at finding the right candidate for traditional positions. If you need an administrative assistant, a boiler operator or bookkeeper, a great traditional employment agency is the perfect choice.

At Apollo Technical, the only fields we work with are engineering and IT. We leave the other positions to other agencies. (staffing agencies in atlanta)

Aerospace Engineers Flash Developers

Facilities/ Plant Engineers PHP/Zend Developers
Systems Engineers Cloud Systems Engineers
Photovoltaic/Solar Engineers PC/Desktop/Help Support
Interior Designers Drupal/Joomla Developers
If the position that you are seeking to fill is in a highly skilled technical field, then Apollo Technical is the only place to hire them from.

At Apollo Technical, we know what these positions do, what qualifications are needed and what skills can fill those qualifications. We understand all the certifications, degrees and sub-classifications, even if you don't.

We pride ourselves on being great at one thing and one thing only: Delivering the best candidate to a technical position in a timely manner and with every possible prequalifying criteria met.

We invite you to take a look at our website, http://www.apollotechnical.com/ and see all the classifications of positions we fill. You can contact us through the website or email us at [email protected]

In or near these cities, you can call us:

Atlanta 404-474-4571
Dallas 214-257-7733
Austin/San Antonio 512-686-1181
Houston 832-519-1704
The Carolinas 919-886-5522