Rooted in the fertile soil of China and experiencing and tempering in the market for 17 years, we see hard work and glory when we look back and opportunities and challenges when we look ahead. As China's first Sino-foreign joint venture telecommunications enterprise, Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (SST) has been a pioneer in the communications industry. Based on the close attention to the overall situation and in-depth insight of the industry, and its solid industry strength and prospective strategic vision, SST will promote upgrades and alternation on its products and services as well as breakthrough and innovation on its technology for a consistent development in the market, where it is bound to seize the momentum continuously and write the new chapter of SST.

Promoting product upgrades and a comprehensive spread of platform services

In 2016, the communications industry market was still surging that a series of conditions such as the dilemma of the extension of product line layout and the long-lasting price war forced the major communications brands to exhaust all their skills to seize bigger shares of the market. Based on this, the way of better improving the product line of the brand and winning market trust with more strength and quality assurance products becomes the primary concern of the brands and the brand development trend of 2017.

SST , as an enterprise who always keeps up with the trend of the market and seizes the momentum of development, will spare no effort in product innovation and expansion in 2017. Based on the core products of wide area network (WAN) services and data center services of the enterprises, SST’s product planning this year will focus on a series of value-added services such as Software Defined Network (SDN), SST Data Center 2.0 (SDC 2.0), UNISITI Internet Access 2.0(UIAS2.0), Unified Collaboration Cloud, Internet of Things, etc. At present, Flexware, a SDN-based client device that was built by a cooperative effort of SST and AT&T has been launched to the market. At the same time, official platform of “Ulink”- a cloud service product SST constructed will also be released soon. SST will also strengthen the development of the Internet of Things and the research and exploration of customer needs. This is not only the extension and development of the original product line of SST, but also a tendency of SST’s development toward the Internet of Things and industry solutions in the future in order to lay a solid foundation and provide a strong guarantee in the extension of the scope of business and expansion of the brand market area.

Strengthening brand strategic cooperation and striving to achieve technological breakthroughs

With the rapid development of the communications industry, technology undoubtedly becomes the basis of brand development and seizing the market opportunities. The way of developing new technologies and seizing the cutting-edge technology has become an important part in the strategic development of SST in 2017.

With an open mind, SST continuously conducts cooperation and communication with partners on technical terms. It is the embodiment of technical strength that SST’s collaborative product Cloud CPE uses SDN technology to provide users with integrated CPE and network services at any time. SST is committed to applying the more mature and refined cloud platform technology and data integration management technology to product innovation and development and reaching a leading standard in the industry by unremitting pursuit on the technical level. In the future, SST will do more strategic deployment and business exploration in the cutting-edge technology, optimize the latest technology such as SDN, Cloud Security Services, etc. while firmly grasping core product technology such as Netbond Essential, Unified Collaboration Cloud services, etc. in order to achieve a broader strategic layout and meet the market opportunities and challenges of 2017 with an open and pragmatic attitude.

Conducting deep research on customer needs and expanding the “Big A End” users

With the rise and the rapid development of the service industry, more and more industries began to transit toward the service industry and strive to expand more development space of business through a more refined service system and customer relationship maintenance. In this torrent of this transition, the communications industry is no exception.

As the Deputy General Manager of SST Cindy Chen said, “Know your customer. Only by standing in the customers’ shoes can you know what the customers need, so that you can provide quality services to customers." With a profound understanding of the industry and using users’ needs as a focal point, SST will join its cooperative partners to continuously innovate on its products and technologies as well as enhancing strategic deployment. During the expansion of the customer circle, SST will also maintain the stability of its TOP35 core customers for more in-depth cooperation. In the channel business development, SST will expand “Big A End” users with the demand for globalization other than the business users, and broaden the market channels in an all-round way, endeavoring to lead the industry. It also needs to stabilize core partners such as IBM, ECCOM, etc. in the long-term cooperation in a mutually beneficial win-win situation in order to boost SST’s transition to a new level in 2017.

The development and rise of a brand can never be achieved overnight. We see the advanced industry awareness and aspiring strategic ambitions in the development of SST. Just like what the General Manager of SST Zhang Chun said, "In order to comply with the changes in the future market, we need to improve the overall competitiveness, strategic transformation, and solid confidence and determination." We fully believe that 2017 will be a year of lofty ideals for SST and also a year in which SST is determined to win.

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