Zürich, Switzerland; 21, December 2016: Learning Chinese language in Switzerland is lot easier and fun now, with the tea courses introduced by Sprachschule Nihao. They conduct tea courses in Zurich and other places in small groups where people can learn Chinese and can also enjoy a variety of Chinese teas. One can enjoy the freshness and flavor of traditional Chinese tea and can learn the Chinese language in a friendly environment. Sprachschule Nihao has an experienced Chinese teacher and the tea course is a concept to help people come closer to the rich Chinese traditions, and which ultimately makes Chinese learning a lot easier.

Sprachschule Nihao focuses on simple and effective Learn Chinese Zurich methodologies that allow students to reach HSK level 1 in just 15 hours. They can start talking in simple sentences and can communicate easily with a person knowing Chinese. And after 40 hours of teaching, students could be more fluent to speak Chinese and communicate with others. People in Zurich can take 80 hours Chinese lesson, if they want to pass the HSK level 3.

The tea course Zurich could be a great opportunity for people in Switzerland to learn Chinese with flexible timings. The teacher has years of experience in teaching Chinese to the Europeans and she adopts an effective methodology to help students achieve their learning goals. Since tea courses are conducted in small groups, every individual in the group gets the desired attention of the teacher to learn the language without any difficulty.

With the Chinese course Zug, one will be able to learn to frame sentences by building a Chinese vocabulary. The teacher gives the clear explanations to each and every student and one will also get practice lessons to develop their Chinese language skills. People can learn Chinese at the Sprachschule Nihao School, or people can also request for classes in their own locations. In both the cases, students will get the opportunity of learning Chinese in small groups with the help of practical lessons. To know more about tea classes or Chinese learning options in Zurich, Zug, Uster, Luzern and other areas in Switzerland, one can visit the website http://www.sprachschule-nihao.ch.

About Sprachschule Nihao:

Sprachschule Nihao offers Chinesisch sprachkurs in Zurich, Zug, Uster, and Luzern areas. They allow people to learn Chinese with an experienced teacher to help save time and energy. The classes are conducted in small groups in their school and also at the client’s locations.

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