Spotify is now absolutely free on the tablet and mobile. One can listen to the absolute right music, whenever and wherever you are. With Spotify play, one can access a wide array of music and listen to albums and artists, or even create an individual playlist of their all- time favorite songs. The newly launched music app allows users to discover an absolutely new world of music.

Listen to different music for free on tablets and mobiles

Play any albums, playlists or artists on shuffle mode

Listen for absolutely free on mobile and tablets

Play any particular song, any point of time

Spotify plays, premium has different features:

- Play different song, any particular time on devices that you have- tablets, computer or your mobile and one can even download the music in an offline mode.
- Enjoy an extraordinary sound quality
- No unnecessary ads- just enjoy uninterrupted music
- No extra commitment required- you can cancel any point of time

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