Sports and exercise safety should hopefully be one of your major concerns and priorities in your own fitness program. Whether you play sports or exercise every day, or twice a week, you need to always consider your safety. If you feel that you are out of shape, you should be very concerned when working out infrequently.

People that play sports should be more aware than anyone else of the potential for harm. You are stressing your body more than the average person does. Injuries are actually more possible through the manifestation of acute stress. Much of this can be avoided by doing preparatory exercises before working out. You need to warm-up and stretch all the time. The rest of this article is devoted to safety strategies to help you prevent injuries.

Some physical activities and sports are most commonly practiced alone. When people run, jog or walk for exercise, they usually do so alone, though this isn't always the case. Actually, lots of different sports, workouts and forms of exercise are done individually rather than in groups. Injuries that occur in isolation can be especially serious if help is needed. There are some injuries that can pose a serious risk if you're completely isolated. The real danger is being in a situation where you need help and there's no one nearby to even make a phone call. For this reason, exercising with partners or in groups is much safer. One of the first lines of defense against injury comes in the form of your athletic footwear. We all know you can find the complete range from very cheap to quite expensive. Athletic shoes that seem like a real bargain might not be in the long run. Cheaply made shoes can make you more vulnerable to injuries. Remember that an ankle or foot injury can take months to heal and can prevent you from playing or exercising. Good shoes also help prevent knee injuries, which is another reason they're so vital. A good pair of shoes, aside from protecting you, also makes it easier to perform at your highest level.

There are some sports for which weight training is almost a necessity. Football obviously comes to mind first, but there are others such as basketball, baseball, swimming and others. Weight training should always be done with specific goals in mind, and another essential practice that should never be neglected is stretching properly. Depending on what you want to achieve with your workout, you have to focus on different types of exercises. A weight training workout that's designed to make you large and strong, for example, might be perfect for football but inappropriate for baseball. While weight training causes your muscles to grow, it also makes them shorter; that's why you should include stretching in all your workouts. You're far less likely to tear, pull or strain your ligaments or muscles if you stretch before, as well as after, each workout.

Things like keeping the risk of dehydration at bay requires knowing your body and realizing what steps needed to be taken. By the time you feel thirst coming on; dehydration has already set in. During a work out or training you need to make sure you drink non-sugared fluids; water is the ultimate. If you happen to be ill with significant head pains, you should be aware of this as being a red flag for being over heated.

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