On leafing through any book or magazine pertaining to makeup, the first guideline that seemingly jumps out pertains to keeping your makeup as natural as possible.

 Underlying this advice is the concept that the best way to wear makeup is to apply it in such a way that it is hardly visible to an unknowing onlooker. Of course this entails selecting colors that literally disappear into your skin tone. In complete contrast to this bland outcome is bold makeup wherein the wearer deliberately uses bold lipstick and bold eyeshadow in order to stand out from the crowd.


With Valentine’s Day having just passed and spring being in full swing, it is virtually impossible to miss the overhanging feeling of fun in the air and what could be a better way of complementing it than by wearing bold colors on your face? If you wish to emanate an adventurous personality then choosing a bold lipstick that would make your lips pop would be the way to go. Having applied the lip color, it is time to highlight it with other components, for example a bold eyeshadow for your eyes. All you need to do next is to tie your hair in a tight ponytail for your make-up to draw attention.


Some of the colors that could be categorized as being bright for make-up are orange, fuchsia, purple and blue. Orange brings to mind the fruit of the same name and all the delicious freshness and tanginess that it is associated with. This color is an ideal choice for a bold lipstick because while it is not as gaudy as red, its brightness can be adjusted as per the complexion of the wearer. Hard though it may be to believe, orange could well serve as an appropriate choice for bold eyeshadow too, particularly thanks to its ability to match well with brown and blue eyes.


Imagine the reaction of people around you when you enter a room sporting a fuchsia lipstick along with smoky eyes. Fuchsia, named after a German scientist, is a pink-purple hue and is the color of the flowers of the plant of the same name. Many make-up experts feel that this color is too bright but a well chosen bold lipstick of this color is often impossible to miss, thus accomplishing its objective. Because fuchsia is available in a number of shades, the buyer will have a number of options to choose from and using it in combination with bold eyeshadow of same color would provide best results.


Blue or even purple lips might pronounce death due to poisoning in a more conventional setting but in this era, these colors are indeed trend setters particularly for a generation that does not shy away from bold lipstick. While purple provides plenty of options to the buyer in form of lavender, wine and indigo, blue needs to be handled with a lot more caution since the line between a fashion statement and overbearing is thin. Both shades can be complemented with bold eyeshadow in blue with the degree of application depending on the skin tone of the wearer.


Going by the book, women with fair skin tones must opt for orange or red bold lipstick while a lady with olive complexion should try blue in the same category. Dark skin tones blend well with plum shades but bright pink is a color that enjoys unparalleled versatility. Apart from the severity of the shade, another point pertaining to bold lip color that bothers women is that it is often too conspicuous. But the good news is that the former can be lessened by simply dabbing a paper napkin a couple of times and the latter by using a bold eyeshadow of same color or the closest shade. 

Bold is the way to go in this new millennium and what better way to add this new dimension to your personality than using bold eyeshadow to highlight your eyes? While everyone likes to sport a lipstick, only a few would be confident and daring enough to try out a bold lipstick as a part of their attire.