24, February 2017: SpellingTraining.com was launched today as to offer easy and interactive spelling practice for children in early elementary years covering Grades 1 to 4. This website is guaranteed easy to use. Users just need to simply type, listen very carefully and then learn English. Learning spelling has been made simple with the arrival of this website. They offer online spelling games.

This website has to be used in supervision of an adult wherein the adult will be setting up the words to test the students on. The succeeding page after hitting the “Online Spelling Test” button will allow the students to tackle the spelling examination and then evaluate their own performance.

SpellingTraining.com can also be used to help the students in improving their ability to pronounce words by offering free spelling games. The students may use this website to learn the right way of pronouncing words. Every word will be pronounced clearly and slowly. Every consonant and syllable will also be emphasized. It will be great for the ESL students and to students who belong to special education, helping them to discover brand new words including the right way to pronounce them.

The online spelling test would be an easy test for students wherein they would hear the words in their list in a random order and then they have to type them in the given text boxes. Once finished, they can hit the “Check” button to find out how well they’ve done. When they made mistakes, they can click the misspelled word and see the right spelling. You could also ask to repeat the whole test with just the mistaken words to master them. SpellingTraining.com also offers a special practice online wherein the students will be guided on writing the words with correct spelling. They would be guided in every step of the way till they are able to write the words correctly just through listening to the voice. This will consist 3 different stages namely the 1st phase wherein the letters to be typed are highlighted on a keyboard, the second stage where the words would still be there and students have to copy them and the last phase will be the students needed to type the words based on what they can hear.

SpellingTraining.com is an educational site that is designed to help students hone their abilities to spell words correctly by offering spelling games. This website is free to use and it gives a multitude of benefits to users.

To learn more, please visit the website.

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