February 24, 2016: Speedticketbeaters.com provides speeding ticket defense to people all over the USA, since 2004. There are many states Speedticketbeaterssays it knows of no losses any customer has suffered using one its defense plans, and Alaska is one of the places it has yet to hear of a loss.

A representative of Speedticketbeaterstold us: “There’s many places we’ve never heard of one of our customers losing a case in, and Alaska seems to be one of those places” The spokeswoman went on to say: “Admittedly, Alaska is not our busiest state. That would probably be California. But we get more than enough clients coming to us with tickets from Alaska that we would likely know if we had lost any of the cases by now. We’ve handled probably hundreds of Alaska tickets over the years.”

Speedticketbeaters.com has been preparing speeding defenses for customers, since 2004. They offer a completely free consultation to anyone who emails them about a current speeding ticket, anyplace in the USA.

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‘Speedticketbeaters.com is a website that helps clients with speeding ticket defenses in any of the 50 states of USA.

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