Like many other things in life, buying a new floor can be overwhelming, but don’t despair. Reduce the stress by learning about the material that most impresses you before you buy. All the aspects you are interested in and the ones you are not will set your mind at ease and help to make the right choice for your home. End your project with joy and the best results not buyer’s remorse.


For instance, if you are looking for the ideal solution when it comes to your comfort beneath your feet, carpet is not the only answer. Cork flooring tiles should be on your list to research. This product has given carpet a run for its money as it offers similar comfort with even better benefits. Cork flooring will bring a level of joy and comfort to your home that have not foreseen. Cork has natural qualities that offer a softer, cushier surface to walk on, sound and thermal insulation and even the ability to be water resistant.


Hardwood floors are a lasting tradition. Most homeowners love the look of hardwoods, but not so much the surface cold that comes with it. Well cork is wood too, only on a softer more beneficial level, both your floor and your feet. Check out floating cork flooring. A design style created to be durable, easy to install and firm but still offers all the perks of a cork glue-down floor, which requires a more labor intense installation. The underlayment of floating cork flooring is important since it contributes to sound and thermal insulation. This is a thin layer of cork bonded to the high density fireboard piece. The latter is used to ensure the stability and firmness of the over cork floor, but it is the cork sections that will inhibit noise and heat transfer.


The comfort your body will enjoy out of floating cork flooring is offered by the top layer of cork. This is thicker than the one underneath and it will bring great support for your feet. The cellular structure of cork allows it to be elastic, so like memory foam it can compress. Your feet and joints will find relief on its cushier surface. Three coats of varnish will cover the entire piece and this is going to ensure a durable floor that will not change its color or its structure so you can enjoy it for a long time.


Search for local businesses that supply cork flooring or try the internet for a broader range and choice. Most cork manufacturers and distributors have websites full of information. Visit us at We carry a wide range of quality cork flooring and our expert staff is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Cork flooring tiles are a great solution for your home, but now you know why. If you want to know more about the structure of floating cork flooring as well as the benefits you can make the most of, you should visit the site named before and take the time to read all the information you find here.