China - Carbon fibre bikes are preferred by many for its many qualities like being light, strong, and corrosion resistant and the possibility it offers for customization. All the bike enthusiasts whether professionals or novices looking for such bikes can find the most suitable bike for their needs at OEM-Carbon.

Irrespective of whether someone is looking for specialized bikes, performance bikes, road bikes for sale, triathlon training bikes, or custom bikes or any other bike related needs, OEM-Carbon, offers a one stop solution to many of them. They offer quality bikes at cheap prices so that everyone can take advantage of them. Their team comprises of industrial experienced engineers, designers, material scientists and support technicians who bring the best of their expertise . They have served brand names like Wilson, Prince, BMC, Scott, Bianchi, BH etc.

Individuals can find all types of bikes ranging from triathlon training bikes to single speed track bikes or best racing road bikes. The use of carbon fiber which actually is a combination of carbon filaments held together by resin helps in producing customized bikes according to the needs of the customer. Specific characteristics cervelo s5 bikes can be added to the bikes which include factors like tube shape, diameter and wall thickness. The Glide-Tech process along with the EPS moulding system ensure smooth and wrinkle free surface both internally and externally which may otherwise not be possible using the conventional air bag moulding process. Post production frames are inspected internally using tiny fibre optic cameras to ensure there are no wrinkles, excel material or moulding residue. OEM-Carbon uses T700, 800 and 1000 filaments of carbon to produce bikes.

Along with the different types of bikes such as colnago bikes c59, cheap 29er mountain bikes customers can colnago bikes c59 also find accessories, carbon, fork, carbon frame, carbon handle bar, carbon rim, carbon wheel, cycling apparel, replica custom frame etc. at OEM-Carbon. For further information one can visit

About OEM-Carbon

OEM-Carbon designs, manufactures and sells carbon fibre bikes suitable for all reasons such as triathlon, bike racing etc. Their specialized bikes for women are designed with versatility in mind which allows better position and a more feminine look. They deal with different types of carbon fibre bikes and accessories as well, providing customized solutions if needed. Their bikes are designed for both professionals and novices to give the best biking experience at the most discounted prices.

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