Wholesalepages.co.uk is best known for its exceptionally huge and regularly updated collection of authentic wholesalers, dropshippers, trade suppliers and the incredibly low wholesale prices members can find throughout this UK wholesalers directory. In fact, when someone looks at the price for any given product, it comes to them as a special offer because of the profit margin available in the deal. Now, a new section has been introduced where the visitors can find irresistible prices, special offers, discounts and tempting bargains for a number of products, allowing them to make even more profits in the process.

The best thing about this section is that all of these great offers have been handpicked by experienced editors. Suppliers can submit their products and offers; however these submissions are first verified and considered by wholesale veterans before they can make it to this particular section. Albert Hawking, trading expert and a senior editor at this website said of the selection process, “Wholesalepages.co.uk is all about unbeatable prices and amazing value- break offers, this particular section will feature only the cream of the crop.”

This section can serve as a great place to promote some specific products or brands, in view of the fact that visitors and buyers can hardly ignore the special offer section at some trade or shopping related websites. It can be an ideal platform to introduce a new product or brand because of the increased exposure it will provide. Sellers need to propose some exclusively reduced price and submit it for editor‘s consideration in this section. This special cut in price can easily bring ample leads and publicity to make up for the reduction in price.

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