Pennsylvania, USA; 17, June 2016: SPEAK Unlimited Inc., a nonprofit organization that is dedicated towards serving individuals who have special needs and supporting emergency responders, is excited to announce the launch, release and availability of their free ‘communication boards’ for first responders.

Founded by Susan Rzucidlo (the mother of a young man who lives with a severe form of autism), and based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, SPEAK provides free advocacy services to families who have children and adults who live with disabilities. They also provide training on disabilities to police, paramedics, nurses, and more.

Truth be told, emergencies occur daily around the world, and can happen to anyone. However, in certain emergency situations, it becomes a daunting task when first responders are unable to effectively and efficiently communicate with those they are trying to help as a result of a disability or language barrier.

It was this realization that led Susan Rzucidlo to create a communication boards that would help first responders solve the problems of language and speech barriers in ways that are cost effective and efficient.

“Because it has long been my desire to be able to provide these communication boards for hospitals, fire companies, and paramedics free of charge, we connected and collaborated with Widgit Health of the United Kingdom and now we are finally able to offer our communication boards free to download" said Rzucidlo.

She continued; “I am thrilled to announce that SPEAK Unlimited and Widgit have just released a free download of a ‘Police Symbol Communication Board.’ Officers, departments, and other professionals, can now download and use this board free of charge in their communities.”

This partnership previously released a paramedic board ( as well as a hospital board ( It is noteworthy to mention that many schools use these boards to teach their students how to interact with first responders before a crisis.

Cody Edmondson, a fire fighter from Coates Bend Volunteer Fire Department in Alabama said about the paramedic board, "I wanted to send a thank you. I am a volunteer firefighter and recently had a call with Spanish speaking patients with little knowledge of English. While we were able to give them needed care and help them, it was frustrating for both us and the patients to communicate with hand signals and gestures.

Thank you for having a free download we can use. As a volunteer, department funds are limited. So I personally wanted to thank everyone who helped in the English/Spanish board creation and allowing the download for free. I pray it's never needed but it will be better to know we have it.”

“I am absolutely elated that our communication boards have helped the First Responders who serve their communities. It is my hope that more first responders will learn about this project, download these boards and use them in their work. We are delighted that our police communication board is now available, and beyond pleased that we can now offer this product free of charge.” Rzucidlo concluded.

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