Spark Towing has just launched a new branch in Anaheim, growing the company’s presence to three locations in the area. Previously branches were opened in Santa Ana and San Diego.

Patrick Delgado, manager with Spark Towing, says his company is proud to be providing its wide range of professional services to the Anaheim community. “With our commitment to a 30-minute response time, it makes sense that we can best achieve and guarantee this through multiple locations with greater reach throughout the area. Now, Anaheim residents will have access to a new, qualified service provider to assist with all of their roadside vehicle assist and towing needs.”

Spark is able to provide a full range of towing services including flatbed, dolly, long distance and heavy duty. Delgado says deciding which tow is appropriate depends on a number of variables including the kind of vehicle, the distance of the tow, existing damage to the vehicle, and may also be impacted by the location and position of the vehicle. “Our professional team can assess the situation and decide on the best tow method to ensure the vehicle gets where it needs to go safely and without the risk of additional damage.”

He says towing can be an effective solution in many situations, including a move involving multiple vehicles and a breakdown in a place where, while roadside repair might be possible otherwise, conditions such as traffic volume or geographic challenges make it unsafe.

Delgado says Spark’s team of experts is able to provide a range of roadside assist services, beyond towing, to get drivers on the road quickly and without hassle. Among these are jump start and gas refilling services, which he says are used more often than many people realize. “No matter how well you maintain your car, these situations can happen to anyone, any time. While they are not significant in terms of complexity, they can significantly impact your ability to get where you need to go as quickly as you had planned.”

He says running out of gas for instance is not always unavoidable and can cause major roadway headaches and stress. Whether it is the person stuck in traffic so long they were unable to reach that next gas station; the person who had incorrect directions to get to a destination and ran out of fuel as they struggled to find their way; the faulty gas gauge that could only be diagnosed when the dial showed a half tank when the tank was actually empty….things happen to everyone.

“While you can never really be ready for these situations because they truly are unexpected, drivers can prepare by taking precautions ahead. Now, when they don’t need it, is when they should be checking out service providers in areas they travel for prices and services. That way, if and when something does come up, they can be reassured they’re going to get the help they need quickly and from someone they’ve already assured themselves is going to be professional.”

Delgado says the opening of the Anaheim branch is another step in the company’s expansion strategy which intends to grow the company, one location at a time, with a focus on quality service and expanded delivery capabilities.

Spark Towing
Phone: (714) 491-7083
Address: 1678 W. Broadway #104, Anaheim, CA 92802