Play-based learning enables infants and toddlers to start learning a second language at their own pace at Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh, a Spanish immersion school in Raleigh.

Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh, located at 5600 Duraleigh Road, accepts students 6 weeks to 2 years old. Students engage in fun activities like yoga, baby massage and music lessons meant to stimulate their cognitive, linguistic, motor and social-emotional skills.

Teachers at Spanish for Fun’s infant and toddler center strive to understand each child’s individual needs and how they learn best. Students discover a fascinating world of play that encourages them to learn a second language in a natural and active environment.

Experts suggest teaching a child a second language can start when they are as young as an infant. Immersive language schools like Spanish for Fun! operate under the belief that students can learn a second language at school while simultaneously learning English at home.

Cognitive benefits for children simultaneously introduced to more than one language include greater neural activity in the areas of the brain related to attention, memory and language. Teachers at Spanish for Fun! are skilled in the latest language acquisition methods designed to help nurture children’s skills and development.

The school not only teaches students about another culture but makes them aware of their own unique cultural identity as well.

Programs offered by Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh include a full-time preschool and summer camp. Spanish Story Time and Parent and Me programs encourage parents and guardians to share in the experience.

The school’s staff is led by director Veronica Rivera, a Mexican native who has been part of the Spanish for Fun! program for almost seven years. Rivera has earned early childhood and early childhood administration credentials and is working on her early childhood associate degree.

Families interested in Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh are encouraged to take a tour of the preschool to see if it is a right fit. They can meet the staff, check out the facilities and learn more about the curriculum.

To schedule a tour or learn more, visit the school’s website at or call 1-919-881-1695.

Gaby Lowry
Company: Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh
Address: 5600 Duraleigh Road, Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: 919.881.1695