Sow the seeds of togetherness with the latest Kissanpur Campaign

A recent Kissan survey reveals the virtual reality of urban India


Mumbai, 16th October, 2015: The world is evolving and so is the way we connect with each other. While technology has helped us get closer it has also made us indifferent to those around us. Kissan understands the changing community and how we are slowly growing apart. Kissan believes that spending quality time with your friends, family and your neighbours is essential in this changing world. For the fourth edition, Kissan launches yet another Kissan pur campaign that aims to help us get together and build real bonds by the simple act of growing a tomato plant. In short, seed the plant of real togetherness starting with the people around you, your community.


The aim of the campaign is to reach out to consumers and inspire them to leave their gadgets and spend quality time witheach otherto experience the real joy of togetherness. The new Kissanpur film (Watch Here) propagates this philosophy in a heartfelt manner. To highlighting this changing trend, Kissan commissioned a survey in India across key metros. The findings suggest the lack of connectivity between someone we live next to and also how we are more virtual than real!


Love thy neighbor. Not!

The Kissanpur survey shows how gone are those days when you considered your neighbor as your best friend! The survey reveals that 38% of Indians are either just acquaintances with their neighbor or do not know their neighbors at all. Interestingly, this number is significantly higher in Bangalore with 68% agreeing with the same followed by Delhi and Lucknow. They are mere strangers who share a courtesy smile or meet casually in the elevator. Some don’t even know their neighbor’s names!


Child’s Play


Social Media Tsunami!

The surge of social media websites that began in 2004 is still going very strong with the emergence of numerous social networking and sharing websites and apps. The world has definitely become a smaller place! But how close are we really? As per the Kissanpur survey, 1/3rd of Indians under the age of 35, feel more comfortable socializing online than in real life. This is mostly seen in Bangalore where 65% respondents say they’re more comfortable socializing online vs. in person followed by 33% Mumbaikars feeling the same way!



Virtual Reality

Gone are the days when people used to meet personally to exchange news with regards to life & career. In this digital age it’s all about updating your ‘Life-event’, or summing it up in 140 characters!  Right from announcing plans to study abroad, marriage, birth of a child to trivial information about our lunch, travels and new buys, most Indians prefer sharing the news online rather than in person. As per the survey, 70% of the respondents in Bangalore & 43% in Mumbai say they get to know about the lives of their friends and relatives mainly online. Only 24% respondents in Delhi, above the age of 35 years say that they personally receive news and updates from friends!


Additionally, the need to keep social media profiles updated is highlighted in the survey where 77% of the respondents in Bangalore agreed to being nagged about being on their phone constantly whenever they are out with family or friends. And only15% Delhi it esmanage to stay away from their phones to check or update their statuses when out with friends and family.


The survey findings shed light on the evolving lives and behavior of Indians. The Kissanpur campaign unearths the most fundamental human need of social interaction.


Speaking about the new Kissanpur film launched by Kissan, Mr. Abhiroop Chuckarbutty, GM, Foods, HUL said, "We can all start this change in our neighbourhood. We need to limit the time spent on social media platforms and need to spend more time building real world connections. The latest Kissanpur campaign does just that. It aims to get people together and build real bonds by growing a tomato plant.”


Kissan understands the need to build connections. Over the years, the Kissanpur campaigns have addressed various aspects of bringing us closer to the nature and closer to our family. This year, once again the campaign takes a step forward and encourages us to come closer to the community we live in and sow the seeds of real togetherness.



“Based on the findings of a consumer survey conducted on 1500 respondents across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Lucknow in 2015.”