China, 26, May 2016: There has been a steady rise in demand of different plastic made commodities in industries like automobile due to price affordability. Besides, use of plastic products also guarantees long period usage at a stretch. There are many agencies that supply high quality plastic made accessories using the technique of plastic injection mold. Sositar Mold is one such company which is specialized in manufacturing various automotive accessories using the plastic injection moulding techniques. The firm always keeps layout at the top level along with introducing modernized management system. All its mould making equipments have been imported from Taiwan and Switzerland and the company never comprises on quality while offering plastic injection molding service. To know more, viewers can log on to its website

As a leading automotive plastic molding company, it always emphasizes on innovation and technique for providing the best products to the clients. As part of its sophisticated injection molding process, the company always conducts detail mold flow analysis of each and every product to find the best gate position, ejector position and parting line. Then the engineers of the agency shall provide complete 3D designing for the approval of the customers and once approved they shall build the mold parts according to the specification of the customers.

The company comprises of ten special mold designers who have vast experience and knowledge about plastic properties and mold structure. They will take every case seriously which include detail technical analysis along with the arrangement of meeting with the tool shop and injection department for avoiding potential manufacturing problem and trouble shoot. All its plastic molds do meet the quality standards of DME and HASCO. The firm has become a reliable partner to automotive plastic injection molding companies all over the world with stable quality and competitive price. The company is also specialized in providing wide range of services to help clients with all of the front-end work that goes into a product before the commencement of actual production.

Some of those services mainly include preliminary design, material selection, pricing, mold design, evaluation, procurement, CAM/CAD, surface modeling and helping clients to be in touch with the engineering department during any problem. For every plastic mold part, the firm conducts thorough DFM study for improving and supporting the mold structure design. The firm ensures timely delivery of product in good condition and always ready to cooperate with the clients to maximize their satisfaction. The company demonstrates its commitments by providing high quality tooling during the phase of designing and manufacturing.

About Sositar Mold

Sositar Mold is a China based firm which is specialized in manufacturing high quality plastic injection molds for automotive industry. With the experience duration of 15 years, it is always focuses on providing the best products to the clients.

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