It has been reported that the online store soscene stands as one of the few innovative stores in the online market that offers organically made products for the ears. The store has recently launched its latest collection of the organic ear jewelry, organic gauges ear plugs, stone ear gauges and other related products.


it has been said that the organic collection has been launched not just to save and protect the environment but it also stems from the understanding that the body responds better to organic products that are sourced directly from the earth and its surroundings. The ear being one of the most delicate organs of the human body, medical practitioners and scientists have all stated unanimously that it should not be exposed to chemicals or other harsh substances. Exposing the ears and the ear drums to chemical products like plastic, and other drugs have reported damage to the hearing sensation of the user. The ORGANIC WOOD FLESH TUNNELShave been a great improvement in order not just to decorate and ear but also to give is a safer alternative to the individuals.


The store has reported a record sale of its latest WOODEN ORGANIC PLUGScollection. The pieces have been made to comfortably fit the natural contour of the internal ears. It has ensured that the wearer does not experience any form of discomfort while wearing the wooden plugs. Claims have also been made of some of the wooden pieces that come with medicinal peoperties. There has been a wide scale sale of the store’s new gauges, which have been made from different materials like that of the red agate, mahogany obsidian, green eyes jasper and amethyst. A large customer base of the soscene store are those individuals with sensitive ear conditions. Being made from organic products, it does not cause any irritation or inflammation. For more information please go to


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Soscene is an online store that sells ear jewelry, ear stretching kits, stocking on ear gauges and other connected products. It offers free shipping on all orders.

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